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Create professional invoices and quotes

Track all your invoices from day one. Quickly view the status of all your invoices or quotes, AND see which ones are paid and which ones are overdue. Track all payments and history to give you an accurate overview of your business.


Everything about your contacts on one page

Still in love with sticky notes? You're not the only one. My mom still uses those but with the power of Web Suite Pro's universal notes and activities, you can easily keep track of any event, task, or phone call without the hassle of losing a post-it.


keep track of your inventory in realtime

Keep track of your products levels with instant access to real-time information when you need to make the best purchasing decisions. When a customer calls to place an order, simply check Web Suite Pro to get the current inventory levels for any of your products.

Help Desk

Respond, assign and manage your trouble ticket requests

Respond, assign, and manage your trouble ticket requests easily TO ensure your customers are satisfied. improve loyalty and retention with our integrated trouble ticket app allowing your clients to log in, create, and send support tickets 24/7.

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Cloud Storage

Access your contracts, employee agreements, or the latest design from the creative team, anytime, from anywhere. Web Suite Pro allows you to Store and Share any document/picture/file, and pin them to contacts, projects, and even trouble tickets. nifty, eh?

Group Chat

Add a client, co-worker, or vendor to chat, collaborate, and make informed decisions. Best of all, there's no limit to the number of people you can chat with. This feature allows you to upload files and group admins can send text MESSAGES and emails directly to other team members.

Support via user manual

We have a support manual for our users TO research issues, find answers, and get THE latest updates. You can visit our support at

Support via email

Our new and improved support system IS UP. Email support wait times have now dropped to 2 - 3 hours Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm MST and 4 - 6 hours after hours, weekends and holidays. You can also call toll free 1 855 529 3330 and select option 2 to speak to a member of our support team from 9am - 9pm MST. Wa're continually striving to improve support. Your feedback is always welcomed.

Lots of Goodies

Over the past year, we have been working on ADDING a lot of new features AND improvements that we call OUR Goodies. SMS, Fax, Voice Notifications; Back Order, Packing slips, and Reports, just to name a few!
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Report a Bugs

Web Suite Pro is tested on different devices, browsers and operating systems. If you find one, just go to your account section and report a problem. Thanks in advance.

Key Features

Ready to work efficiently in the cloud? If so, Web Suite Pro is the most cost effective, cloud-based, suite of apps that provides a secure, affordable, and easy business solution with virtually no add-ons required.

Track both staff and client project times, expenses, taxes, and tasks efficiently. You will never have to worry about lost invoices, overpaying for supplies, or missing payments ever again.

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Expense Tracking

Bill clients for expense

Track your expenses from anywhere, anytime. Employees can even submit reimbursement requests for company expenses directly through Web Suite Pro. Users have the ability to turn any expense into a recurring expense so you will never forget to bill or pay for it.



get everything, fast and easy

Know your business performance inside out with Web Suite Pro's reports. Keep track of all your expenses, sales, and overdue items on the fly with ease. Now you can see how your company is performing from your sales to aging reports. Get the bottom line, Anytime. Anywhere.


Manage Contacts

CRM is the business strategy

Unlike traditional CRM's that focuses on client relationship management, Web Suite Pro has taken a revolutioanry approach. So our CRM is designed to be contact based, allowing you to include managing your clients, vendors and staff within the same application.

Inventory And Vendor Management

Create purchase orders, print receipts, and track shipping. Now your clients can order products or services, track shipping and back-orders.

Vendor collaboration with Web Suite Pro has never been easier! Each vendor can now login and manage products, set shipping information and check on inventory as well as the status of purchase orders and other transactions.

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Where are my Back Orders?

Your clients can also log in and order products/services, track shipping and back-orders anytime and anywhere.

Know Quantities On-Hand

Web Suite Pro's inventory management will keep track of your quantities for you and even offers the option to notify you when inventory runs low.

Vendor Management

Manage vendors efficiently by establishing and maintaining stronger relationships with our integrated portal that provides vendors with access to purchase orders, key documents, notes, and account management.

Purchase Orders

Login and simply search your vendor, click on Make Order, pick your products/services, verify and send. Done in 3 simple steps!

Free Invoicing, Free CRM, Free Expense tracker

Free for small business, freelancers and SOHO for Life.

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Up to 500 clients can login

Most Popular Choice! Did you know your clients can login and order services?


10GB Storage, 10 Staff ($5.95 per additional staff), Up to 500 Users*, unlimited invoices and contacts

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Up to 1000 clients can login

Did you know your vendors/suppliers can login and update product info?


20GB Storage, 15 Staff ($4.95 per additional staff), Up to 1000 Users*, unlimited invoices and contacts

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Up to 1500 clients can login

Web Suite Pro's comes with 7 convenient credit card payment option


30GB Storage, 25 Staff ($3.95 per additional staff), Up to 1500 Users*, unlimited invoices and contacts

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5GB Storage, 1 Staff ($7.95 per additional staff), Up to 200 Users*, unlimited invoices and contacts

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About Us

As small business owners from various industries, we found ourselves discussing issues that consistently affected our companies. Amongst the most frustrating was our reliance on multiple pieces of software to run the various aspects of our business. Between quoting and invoicing clients, managing inventory levels, CRM, and customer service, not one of the different software used would communicate with one another.

It was virtually impossible for any one of us to have an accurate snapshot of our own business at any given time. The inefficiencies we discovered prompted us to work closely with a team of developers and create a solution that would be both easily applicable across multiple industries and would transform the way we run our businesses. After years of beta testing ourselves, we believe that we've developed the ultimate Small Business tool.

Web Suite Pro - your secured, user friendly, cloud-based, real-time, suite of business apps.

Collin Snowball

President and CEO

Reg Ching

Chief Financial Officer

Cheun Xiao

VP User Experience & Customer Service

Vikram Shah

Senior Developer

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I don't know how to put this but we are kind of a big deal.

Hands down the best CRM I've ever used. Ashok K., Freelance Network Admin, Edmonton, Alberta

Web Suite Pro is so sweet! It's easy to use, cost effective, and best of all Jesse Lipscombe, P.H.A.T. Training, Edmonton, Alberta

I am writing this to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job that you have done on the Web Suite Pro software. John W., Leading Edge Displays, Texas, USA

Web Suite Pro is super user-friendly. I'm so happy; every morning, it's my first task to check Web Suite Pro and then I get on with my day. Stacey H., P.H.A.T. Training, Edmonton, Alberta

Web Site Pro is great! I have compared it to similar CRM/Billing tools, and yours is the best when it comes to price, features and options. Jeff E., On Time Grafix, St. James, Jamaica

I love using Web Suite Pro because it saves me a lot of time and the invoices look so professional. Brad L., Warehouse Direct Tanning, Edmonton, Alberta

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