10 Reasons You Need An Online Business Tool

10 Reasons You Need Web Suite Pro!

  1. ZERO Upfront Cost – Web Suite Pro has no set-up fees. PLUS you get your first 30 Days FREE of charge, we also offer a free full featured account.
  2. ZERO Maintenance Fees – No more buying expensive hardware, paying consultants to build a network, or technicians to maintain it. The service is all inclusive – we take care of all the headaches while you attend to growing your business.
  3. ZERO Training Fees – All of our current subscribers have deployed Web Suite Pro within their business without the need of employee training. We’ve made our application simple to grasp and easy to use, requiring little to no training.
  4. Always FREE, Constant Updates – At Web Suite Pro, we upgrade our hosted software at least every 2 weeks. And best of all, You NEVER pay a dime for the upgrades.
  5.  Available Anytime, Anywhere – With the Software as a Service (Cloud) model, you can enjoy our On              Demand Hosted SME solutions from anywhere in the world, anytime you need it. Whether you’re vacationing in  Maui and need to see the latest sales figures, or you just finished brokering a deal with a client in Hong Kong, Web  Suite Pro is always there for you.
  6. Collaboration  Web Suite Pro includes import and export features that allow you to collaborate with other popular vendors like Intuit’s  Quickbooks, Basecamp,  Google’s  Apps, or Microsoft’s Outlook and Excel.
  7. Permissions  As an administrator you can allow or disallow just about anything within Web Suite Pro.  If you need control of what your Staff, Vendors or Client can or cannot do, our application gives you the control you need  to configure specific permissions per contact.
  8. Affordable Whether you’re a freelancer or a large enterprise, Web Suite Pro is well within any company’s budget. Based on the size and type of business, there is a Web Suite Pro plan for you.
  9. Security  From the very beginning of development, we had your security in mind.  Using standard and innovative coding techniques we’ve made sure all your data is safe from all possible attacks.  Everything from managed firewalls and routers, to secure server locations and daily backups, you can be assured your valuable data assets are secured.
  10. Communication  With Web Suite Pro, staff, clients, and vendors can collaborate on projects, share large files, plan events, or message each other all in on central location.  You’ll also be able to target market to your clients and contacts with our SMS, Voice Alert and Email notification.


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