Client Spotlight: Overproof found success with

Meet Sonia Richardson, owner and head beauty therapist at Overproof Foot Lounge located at #204 10940 166A street in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. See how Overproof found success with

The Problem
For the past 6 months Sonia have been growing her business from home using a combination of excel and word to manage her business. Now that she has moved into her new studio and hired her first staff Sonia is facing major hurdles managing her business, time, staff, billing and expenses.

The challenge: Finding the right Software that will solve all her issues
I was out with a few of my girls and I am not sure how we started talking about my issues at work but, someone recommended freshbooks and i was excited to try it out. After two weeks it was easy and very user friendly but, I was still missing a few apps so I continued my search.

I  tried a few others and there was just one issue that I didn’t like. I needed addons. One night I was at home watching Dragon’s Den when I saw the pitch for and I was very excited that they were based in my city.

That night I signed-up. I logged out thinking that this site is too complicated for me. A week or so later I got a call from a gentleman wanting my opinion about  I gave him an earful!  He listened calmly and then suggested that I logged on  with him. Hesitantly, I complied and was very impressed with his tutelage and his product knowledge. Later, I found out that the gentleman that I spoke with was the owner of the company. A big thank you to Collin and his team.

Implementation and Training
To my amazement, everything was set  up for me and the training was very easy to follow.   Within minutes I was able to use the program independently.  I am happy to say that  they have made my day to day business experience much easier.

My two favorite features  of includes knowing when my clients view their invoice and the ability to keep track of everything in one place. Oh, one more thing, no addon is required. My accountant is finally happy with the reports I present to  him.

Would you Recommend Web Suite Pro?
In a heartbeat! Customer service is amazing and now that the learning curve is solved I love this product. Thank you Collin

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