Comprehensive Suite of Business Apps

Web Suite Pro is a comprehensive suite of web-based business apps geared to aid any business owner in managing many aspects of their organization. It consists of many core applications that integrate with one another in order to create one robust software solution accessible for any internet-enabled device. With Web Suite Pro you are not tied to your desk. You can take it on the road as all our great tools work on your mobile internet device.


Web Suite Pro will benefit Small to Medium Sized Businesses and individuals who are looking for a mobile, cost effective and business collaboration tool with CRM, no maintenance and upgrade costs or licensing fees.

Web Suite Pro is ideal for companies or individuals who need an application that allows them to access their vital information securely from any internet connection including mobile devices.

10 Benefits of Web Suite Pro

  1. Revenue generating activities – invoicing, quoting, and time billing services
  2. Time Saver – centrally stored, easily accessible, keeps you organized.
  3. Paperless – All statements stored and accessible online, reducing the use of paper
  4. Collaboration – Staff and clients always on same page. Reduce travel time.
  5. Set up in minutes – Turn-key business solution
  6. Automatic updates and maintenance – no software or downloads necessary
  7. Secure – Multilevel security and managed hosted solution
  8. Easy of use – Designed with you in mind.
  9. Affordable for various types of organizations
  10. Multiform – Can be used on almost all modern browsers (desktops and mobile devices)

Integrated Business Tools

  • Online invoicing
  • Client Management
  • Product and service database
  • Staff Management
  • Contact Management
  • Project Management
  • Quote Management
  • Expense Tracking
  • Shared Calendar
  • Time Tracking and Time-sheets
  • Lead and Deal Management – CRM
  • Trouble Tickets App
  • Reporting App

How it works

Web Suite Pro’s architecture provide an extremely small footprint in terms of bandwidth consumption. This will allow customers to use our application on their mobile browser without exceeding their data plan’s limits.

You simply log into Web Suite Pro using your mobile internet device’s browser, and you will be able to use our business tools, and operate many aspects of your business in real-time from anywhere.

How to get it

From a browser:

Go to and click on ‘Sign Up’ and fill in the registration form.

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