Organize, Manage, Share and Track Contacts with Web Suite Pro Contact Manager:

Organize, Manage, Share and Track Contacts!

Web Suite Pro CRM+ The easiest way to manage your contacts!

Let me introduce Web Suite Pro’s Contact Relationship Manager, a complete contact management app for your team to manage, share, and keep track of notes, files and more.

Unlike traditional CRM,  Web Suite Pro’s Contact Relationship Manager is designed to help you keep track of any contacts with the equal importance.

In any given business day not only do you have to deal with staff, prospects and clients but you also have a wide range of contacts to manage which also could include; friends, family, employees and vendors.

At Web Suite Pro we understand how hectic that can be so we have developed an integrated app that allows you to manage, communicate, track, bill and collaborate with all your contacts while implementing traditional sales automation.

  • Generate leads on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or internet-enabled mobile devices.
  • Generate pipeline reports on you potential customers.
  • Keep track of all your contacts in one central location.
  • Import from other popular formats like Outlook, Excel, and QuickBooks just to name a few.
  • Track your sales leads, clients, business contacts, and partners from any internet ready device.
  • Automate certain features to streamline your management process.

Still not convinced Web Suite Pro’s CRM solution is the right one for you? Here are some stats and what business experts are saying about the industry. 

Recent benchmark studies reveal that CRM applications account for:

  • Revenue increases of up to 41% per sales person
  • Decreased sales cycles of over 24%
  • Lead conversion rate improvements of over 300%
  • Customer Retention improvements of 27%
  • Decreased sales and marketing costs of 23%
  • Improved profit margins of over 2%

Your contact?

You are allowed to store as much or as little information as you like from multiple emails, notes, files and a lot more.

How we make your business live easier;

E‑mail addresses. Store multiple e‑mail addresses you want for your contact, you also have the ability to set a  primary address. (The primary e‑mail address is what WSP will use to send e‑mail notifications and all communication from the system.)

  • Avatar (picture). Never forget what your contact look like again, add a picture to help you remember the your them.
  • Phone numbers. You can store home, work, cell, and fax phone numbers for a contact.
  • Street addresses. You can store both home and work street addresses for a contact.
  • Website addresses. You can store contact’s work website address.
  • Notes. Add a note or few to your contact.

Simple Tip; Search the contact you wish to work with, that’s how simple it is.


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