Small Business Report: Expenses, Sales & Contacts Reports

The backbone of any business is in the integrity of its financial reporting and our small business reports will provide that structure for your company. With Web Suite Pro you are able to track expenses including mileage, employee pay, taxes, and travel. Creating professional business expense reports for statements or analysis can be done with the system as well. Users can also export to their accounting software with ease. An essential tool for business owners and managers.

Simply add your sales taxes to the system and Web Suite Pro will do the math for you. That way when it’s time to send the government their cut, you are good to go.

Ready to work efficiently in the cloud?  If so…. Web Suite Pro is the most cost effective cloud based suite of apps that provides a secure and easy environment with virtually no add-ons required.

This  real-time solution, is designed to help manage any business.  Access and share your billing, invoicing, CRM, inventory and more from any Internet enabled device – anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Web Suite Pro also includes a host of innovative apps like Shared Calendar, Vendor Management, and Multiple Payment Gateways that makes managing your business, more efficient and convenient, saving you time and money!

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