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I am writing this to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job that you have done on the Web Suite Pro software. This is without a doubt the very best software for both CRM tracking as well as client quoting.

We are a national LED display manufacturer, and with sales personnel around the country, it was difficult finding a CRM software that would both fit our needs and budget.
The Web suite Pro software accomplishes all of our needs and more. The others such as salesforce, and others are very high priced and do not offer the entire package as Web Suite Pro does.

With sales personnel all over the country, we must have information quickly at the home office to assist the outside salesperson with the sale. You guys make it a breeze by simply getting a picture of their existing pole structure, our in house engineers can quickly make recommendations that without that information, would cost us thousands.

Our sales force love the fact that our telemarketing team can get in touch with the decision maker, make the appointment, schedule the sales person and all within the Web Suite Pro software.

When you are in the field, the last thing you want is cumbersome software for quoting a product to the customer. We have tried such tolls in the past such as Quoteworks, Quote ASP and they pale in the shadow of Web Suite Pro.

Thank you for the opportunity to be with you from the start, you have helped our business grow beyond our wildest dreams. And we will be your customer for life.

PS If you have any customers in need of an outdoor LED Display, tell them to mention that they use Web Suite Pro and they will get a 10% discount off their display. After all your efforts are what has allowed us our success. Sincerely:

John W.

LED Signs

Texas, USA


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