Web Suite Pro – Exit Beta Testing

Edmonton, AB — 26  October  2010 — Web Suite Pro Inc., an Edmonton based provider of Enterprise Web 2.0™ solutions, just announced the end of beta testing for its integrated CRM, billing, and invoicing application, Web Suite Pro (http://www.websuitepro.com).

Web Suite Pro, which was launched into beta last year, is exiting beta today with a host of new features and functionality. On top of their existing innovative applications, websuitepro.com has also integrated some of these features: Email, CRM, Online Billing and Invoicing, Inventory management, Trouble Ticket (Help Desk), Expense Tracking,  and a lot more.

Another recently added hot feature will be the Managed Alerts, where users receive alerts by SMS Text messaging or Emails whenever their customers make a payment via the web for instant notification. “I am just really excited about this product. We started using it in 2003, as an internal application for our company and a few select clients.  With the emergence of Web 2.0™, we decided it was time to polish it and introduce it to the world”, said Troy Taylor general manger of Snowball Media.


About Web Suite Pro
Web Suite Pro Inc. is a leading global provider of applications that offers powerful business productivity and collaboration tools to organizations and individuals.
CRM, Billing and Invoicing Manager, Shared Calendar, Expense Tracking, Contact Manager, Project Manager, Vendor/Supplier Manager, and Inventory Manager are just some of the tools currently offered. Best of all, it’s all web based, so there’s no hardware or software to download, install or maintain.


Contact Information:
Reg Ching CFO
Web Suite Pro Inc.
website: www.websuitepro.com
Email: reg@websuitepro.com
Telephone: 1 855 529 3303

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