Web Suite Pro Quote Tutorial

Hi this is Cheun. Today I’m going to show you how to create a quote and send it to your client.

Find your client

First off, I will start by finding my client on Web Suite Pro.

I’ll type in the name in the search bar located on the top of the page. I’m gonna search John Brown; he’s a new lead of mine.

From the drop down, I’ll choose John Brown.  Now that John’s profile has been loaded It seems that he already has a deal awaiting approval.  Look to your right and you’ll find create quote. Click on it and takes you to the quote page with John’s information preloaded.

Let’s Start A Quote

On the page you’ll see quote details which include contact, quote, purchase order, today’s date and expiry date (set automatically for net 30)  followed by items, charges/credits and expenses.

So now I’m gonna add an item from the drop down menu of products/services. Let’s say I’ll add 1000 business cards and you’ll see unit cost, quantity, tax 1, tax 2, discount and total.

Let me add 2 to the quantity with taxes* added (GST) and 10% discount.

Adding Expense to the Quote

Now I need to add shipping as an expense in Web Suite Pro . I’ll bring down the expenses drop down menu and choose new expense.

In this demonstration, I’m going to use shipping as an expense.  Shipping will be the name of the expense.

  1. Next, I’ll fill out the description of “DHL overnight shipping from Edmonton, AB to Toronto, ON”.
  2. Now I’ll select shipping from category drop down menu
  3. next, I’ll select a vendor
  4. and lastly, I’ll add the amount and the *markup

*Web Suite Pro will allow you to add a markup to any expense.


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