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Create A Product

The Products module is a simple but effective way to organize and manage your organization’s products and services. Go to Create Product from the drop down menu under sales Product Name – Enter the name of your product Categories – Enter the price for your product (Categories are a way to group products.) Cost Price –

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How do I make a note on the contacts profile?

On top of the menu of the dashboard search the contact that you wish to leave a note for Once you are on the contacts dashboard there is a note box for you to write the note that you wish to post. Once finished the note make sure to click post note, and you shall

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How do I attach image on the contacts profile?

You need to go to the client dashboard for which you want to add a picture to their profile On the right of the dashboard there is a link that says [edit staff member] Once you have clicked on the link it will lead you to the edit page On this page under the first

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How do I create a ticket?

On the menu at the top there is a button labeled Tickets which has a drop down menu On said drop down menu there is a button labeled add ticket Once all of your information has been added about said ticket you may save it and create a new one, or just simply save  

How do I track expenses?

Under the expenses button at the top of the menu, there is a drop down menu that appears Once you click on track expense button, it will lead you to a homescreen where you add all of the expense details Once all of the details have been entered you may save it as a one

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How do I create an activity?

On the top menu there is a button called calendar which has a drop down menu From that menu there is a button called add activity Once you’re on that screen, it allows you to enter all of the information that your certain activity requires

How do I send purchase orders?

At the top of menu there is a button labeled sales that has a drop down menu. On this drop down menu under the title purchase orders, click on add order Once you have filled out all of the information has been filled out on your order form you can save it as a draft,

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How do I convert contact into lead or client or vendor?

On the top of the menu there is a search area where you enter the client that you wish to change Once you have reached the client dashboard, there are links that automatically will change that contact into a lead, client, or vendor

How do I create contact?

Under the contacts button at the top of the page there will be a drop down menu Click the add contact button under contacts heading Once there you may enter the proper information needed for that client and then press create

How do I manage notifications?

In the top left corner of the page the is a button called [account], once the cursor is over a drop down menu will appear Click on the manage notificatons button Once here fill in all the mandatory fields Company notificaton settings include: Notification to be sent to your Cient, Notification to be sent to

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