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Create A Product

The Products module is a simple but effective way to organize and manage your organization’s products and services.

Go to Create Product from the drop down menu under sales


  • Product Name – Enter the name of your product
  • Categories – Enter the price for your product (Categories are a way to group products.)
  • Cost Price – Enter the cost of goods.
  • Mark Up – Enter  Mark Up (The amount added to the cost price of goods to cover overhead and profit. NOTE:For value or percentage use appropriate symbol (eg. 25% or 25.00)).
  • Freight Cost – Enter Freight Cost.
  • Duty Fees – Enter Duty Fees (The term is often used to describe a tax on certain items purchased abroad.).
  • Image – Upload product image(s)(Image size must be 300 x 300 pixels.).
  • SKU – Enter SKU (stock keeping unit or SKU is a distinct item, such as a product or service).
  • Description – Enter a description of the product or service.
  • Vendor – Enter a vendor for this product of service.
  • Custom fields – Custom fields allow you to choose an attribute of a product at the time of creating an invoice. For example, if you have a product that comes in 3 colors, then you can create a custom field called ‘color’. Or, if you have for example, a T-shirt that has unique text written on it, you can create custom fields in which you can type in the custom text at time of creating the invoice.


Type»» – Choose the type of the custom field.  

              Text›› – Choose this if the custom field entered in real-time is text only. (If this field is a mixture of numbers and text, then choose ‘text’)
              Number›› – Choose this if the custom field entered in real-time is a number only. This restricts the value entered to a number.
              Multiple›› – Choose this if you want to create a drop-down list when choosing this product which allows you to choose from multiple selection list. Must be used in conjunction Values (see below).
Values»» – If you chose Multiple above, then enter your values separated by semi-colons.
  Set»» – Check this if you want a fixed value that cannot be changed at time of invoice creation.


Then click the create button or if you have more than one item click create & new to add the new product/service


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