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Easy Quick Invoicing

Hi this is Cheun. Today I’m going to show you how to create an invoice.

Find who you’re billing

First off, I will start by finding my contact on Web Suite Pro which I’m going to bill.

I’ll type in the name in the search bar located on the top of the page. I’m gonna search Roy Clarke; he’s a regular client of mine.

Search Contact

Search Contact

From the drop down, I’ll choose Roy Clarke.  Now that Roy’s profile has been loaded.  Look to your right and you’ll find create invoice.



Click on it and takes you to the invoicing page with his information gets populated automatically.

Starting Invoicing

On the page you’ll see invoice details which include client information, invoice number, purchase order, today’s date and due date (set automatically for net 30)  followed by invoice items, charges/credits and expenses.



So now I’m gonna add an item from the drop down menu of products/services. Let’s say I’ll add 1000 business cards and you’ll see unit cost, quantity, tax 1, tax 2, discount and total.

Let me add the (GST) and 15% discount.



This is a simple way to create on invoice all that’s left to do now is send it or save for later.




  • Nicole

    This is very useful to me I have been using the invoice now for about 3 years and I never tried just searching for the client.

  • Carlos Carancio

    I never thought invoicing was this easy! Web Suite Pro made it so simple to create and pay an invoice. For start ups and new companies, this is the software to use!!

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